Writing an officer evaluation report

The Army designed the new system to improve the way it evaluates officers. The expert leadership LT Smith continued to display resulted in an extremely high degree of success for the unit and the gaining command. This format helps selection committee members quickly separate stronger candidates from weaker ones.

The same applies to outstanding performance. In most cases, you will rate an officer who has been under your supervision for at least 90 days. Actively ensures all new arrivals are quickly indoctrinated and receive first class, red carpet treatment.

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If you marked "no" in a box, you have to explain in detail why. For example, you will be asked whether the officer "possesses desire, will, initiative, and discipline," and you will only be given a choice between yes or no.

Senior reviewers take quick, decisive action when selecting officers for promotions. Refer to this document often until you become comfortable with the OER structure. This can be hard because you have limited space, so focus on the facts.

For example, if the officer is very fit, you can state, "Captain Doe achieved a score of on his latest PT test," instead of saying, "Captain Doe is in good shape.

His tenure on the Fleet Staff is marked by enormous contributions to our Nation. Smith is most highly recommended for immediate promotion. Rejuvenated the Command Sponsor Program.

Once you evaluate the officer based on performance records and facts, you will decide whether he excels or falls short. The Structure The way the OER is designed, performance evaluations are graded on a "yes" or "no" scale. Highly regarded for his extraordinary character, courage and integrity, his leadership is the benchmark for all who will follow.

He transformed Line division into an effective and reliable Division. Ranked 1 of 20 highly competitive Ensigns at this command.

The Boxes Approximately 16 blocks listing various officer responsibilities dominate the form. You must write clear, concise and honest OERs. Already performing at a department head level now! Aggressiveness as Aircrew Division Officer resulted in all assigned personnel attaining First Crewman designation and simultaneously recording 64 percent of all helicopter AW advancements in the West Coast.

Made a significant positive impact on ship readiness by running a flawless respiratory protection, hearing conservation and sight conservation programs. They briefly scan the OER and look for what stands out. Created an imaginative and effective Public Affairs program.

Use tangible data when possible. Senior Member of the Command Assessment Team. You must justify through detail why you think an officer deserves an outstanding rating.

How to Write an Officer Evaluation Report in the U.S. Army

Then you will have room to make personal comments about your observations. The OER helps decide if your subordinate officers advance to higher ranks. Three different forms will reflect the division of the officer rank structure: He has demonstrated that he is ready for assignments of greater responsibility.

It covers the rating chain and time frames for submitting OERs and also explains the difference between rater, intermediate rater and senior rater.au/acsc// air command and staff college air university the u.s.

army officer evaluation report; why are we writing to someone who isn’t. If you are looking for the book Writing guide for officer evaluation report in pdf format, then you have come on to the correct site.

We furnish full edition of this ebook in doc. killarney10mile.com BREAKOUT BULLETS —Good officer FITREPS need a solid breakout bullet like the ones below: Number one of all LT’s assigned, My number one MP, Number one Platoon Commander, Number one LT.

commitment of each reporting senior and reviewing officer to ensure the integrity of the system by close attention to accurate marking and timely reporting. Every officer serves a role in the scrupulous maintenance of this evaluation system, ultimately important to both the individual and the Marine Corps.

The OER (Officer Evaluation Report) Support Form, DA Formis a wonderful tool to establish priorities, focus, and goals for an officer. Unfortunately, we are not formerly trained on how to complete one effectively and we usually must rely on others to.

Revised Officer Evaluation Reports 1 APR 14 Implementation OVERVIEW MOD 1. 2 CREATING A COMPANY GRADE EVALUATION REPORT Note: Before or after the performance rating has been locked you can click the profile stats link to see your profile in real time. After locking a.

Writing an officer evaluation report
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