Write acumen in a sentence

You could describe it based on pure factsfor example. He also has the quality of insight -- being able to envision what the company should do now to bring about a more profitable, successful future. There is hardly any doubt that the remarkable success of this modest beginning was dependent upon the admirable personality of the late organizer, who recognized the individual features with unusual tact and acumen.

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It was the one Napoleon wore on June 18th, when Westphal has been recognized for his rare ability to combine cutting-edge science with business acumen. There was a mistake in the food order This piece of wood can be used to make my new desk.

Visit the Thesaurus for More Choose the Right Synonym for acumen discernmentdiscriminationperceptionpenetrationinsightacumen mean a power to see what is not evident to the average mind. One example of business acumen is if a personunderstands the ins and outs of supply chain management.

The Street analysts applauded his gutsy retail acumen. My laundry basket is full of dirty clothes. In addition to recognizing how their business operates internally, it is important that leaders have a deep understanding of the external environment or what we call market orientation.

Or, aperson knows how to develop products and then market them. What is business acumen? He showed remarkable acumen for predicting the weather. If offensive acumen is measured in first downs, the game was among the most one-sided in the history of both franchises.

He wrote many books about elephants. I have a pain in my left side. The Buckeyes need their fumble-prone quarterback, senior Steve Bellisari, to maintain his aerial acumen 15 completions in 24 attempts for yards in a win over Akron. I like to drink water. It is not safe to go out in a storm.

Then, following cataract surgery, my father suffered a series of pin strokes which slowed him down physically and to some degree affected his mental acumen.

Acumen in a sentence

It is important that leaders and employees have a comprehensive understanding of what drives profitability and cash flow. The money from subscriptions and investments and their business acumen just kept rolling in. Those barbed formulations that uncover our pretensions and mock our self-regard are the product of native wit and social acumen.

Breadth of Understanding Within the management ranks, a company has experts in finance, accounting, marketing, production and information technology. The flight was very long and boring.Sentence Examples for acumen.

Pooja's political acumen has made her popular in the university. How to use acumen in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of acumen. 59 sentence examples: 1. He had demonstrated considerable business acumen. 2. His sharp business acumen meant he quickly rose to the top.

3. She has considerable business/financial acumen. 4. She has considerable business acumen. 5.

What Is a Strong General Business Acumen?

Sep 10,  · Sentence with acumen? Acumen means the ability to make good judgments and quickdecisions, typically in a particular domain. Joe had great businessacumen when starting the coffee shop. Dec 04,  · Sigmund Freud had an acumen for dream interpretation.

Richard had an acumen for character analysis and could tell immediately that Paul was a selfish killarney10mile.com: Resolved.

Examples of acumen in a Sentence And perhaps this is just part of Washington's transition into the new economy: the triumph of national brands over local loyalty, of business acumen over upper Northwest idealism. killarney10mile.com English words and Examples of Usage use "acumen" in a sentence You're mixing up management acumen and business acumen.

Write acumen in a sentence
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