The incidence rate of child marriage essay

The religious scholars often consider early marriage as an act to control the next generation from immodesty and indecency Khan. While this is a great improvement, to end the practice by — the target set out in the Sustainable Development Goals — progress must be significantly accelerated.

Such people should also be informed about the punishment given by the law and The incidence rate of child marriage essay of the country in an exaggerated way so that they get immensely scared even before thinking about such a crime. Thus, this act was meant to strictly prohibit the marriage rather than merely restricting it.

The governments should also encourage NGOs which provide girls with a job to increase their economic standards and beware people of the dangerous effects of early marriages. Bayisenge Moreover, one of the main effects of early marriage is the increase in the number of children.

It is impossible for India to become a developed nation if child marriage is not abolished. This is not the only case; there are thousands of cases where girls have to give up their studies for their households that leave them with little ability to earn their own living.

Child marriage means that two children are forced to marry each other with the consent of the two families.

Nearly fifty percent of all women in Yemen were married as children Harlan,para. Child brides also face the risk of being widowed by their elderly husbands.

Organizations like CARPED and Child line have proposed setting up for social homes for the victims of child marriage victims and provide them with funds till the time they are not mature enough along with their education.

Immediate reporting to the police needs to done as and when one hears of child marriage taking place. India is a developing nation and aims to become a developed nation in the near future, but can a developed nation have brides and grooms who have not yet attained adulthood.

Child marriages may depend upon socio-economic status. However, the conservative members of the parliament objected to this law, arguing it is un-Islamic to set a minimum age of marriage, and therefore the law was not implemented.

In Mali, the female: It is up to him whether he consults her or not. Furthermore, the notion of honour and morality is an important factor for the early marriages. They have existed from the times of the Delhi Sultanate when the monarchy system was prevalent.

For more data on child marriage, visit http: Because UNICEF works across multiple sectors, and because it works both with high-level decision makers as well as with grassroots community organizations, it is uniquely positioned to identify and address some of the systemic and underlying factors that pose a challenge to reproductive health, rights and gender equality.

Essay on Child Marriage in India (700 Words)

Child marriage is also a strategy for economic survival as families marry off their daughters at an early age to reduce their economic burden during times of stability and in crisis. Another law that exists is the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, The path is tough but victory can be achieved if strict actions are taken.

But the law was dropped the following day following maneuvers by opposing parliamentarians. Though the government has taken strict actions and child marriage has been declared as a big crime, still this practise is prevalent till today. Christianity and Islam are each practiced by roughly half of its population, and the country continues with personal laws from its British colonial era laws, where child marriages are forbidden for its Christians and allowed for its Muslims.

Health Consequences of Child Marriage Another aspect of the problem of child marriage in Yemen and another reason why there should be clear deterrent laws to stop child marriage is the devastating health dangers that young girls are subject to.

Moreover, early married girls are more likely to experience domestic violence from their husbands, and in Yemen, domestic violence is a growing issue that leads to depression among married women. Though in some cases parents believe in such superstitions and dogmas in other cases greed is the most significant factor.

In West Africa as a whole, a recent UNICEF study shows that economic hardship is encouraging a rise in early marriage of the girls, even among some population groups that do not normally practise it Assani.

Child marriage has been declining at a rate of one per cent per year in the last two decades but this pace is slow. With respect to this context, child marriages happen to be an unsound institution. While divorce plunges an early married woman into poverty, young brides who lose their husband face the high probability of not being taken in to marriage again, in these societies Child marriage.

In the end, it has come up with recommendations for United Nations and government of the countries that will help them get rid of the practice of the early marriage. In some cases, girls in Yemen are forced to marriage as young as eight years old.

Evidence shows that girls who marry early often abandon formal education and become pregnant. And the logical consequence of this exclusion is often poverty. The first law that was designed was the Child Marriage Restraint Act of which extended to the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir.Essay on The Incidence Rate of Child Marriage - Don’t we snatch the rainbow from their sky.

Don’t we force them to close the window of their life. Yes, we do. We get our children married in the morning of their life and force them to close their outlook. “Child marriages were common throughout human history. Dec 21,  · Early Marriages – Research Essay 21 Dec Throughout the world, marriage is regarded as a moment of joy and celebration but the practice of early marriage gives no such cause for celebration.

The Highest rate of child marriage is in West Africa. It is followed by southern Asia, the Middle East and then the Latin America.

Child Marriage in India

The condition of some countries are so poor that they more than a half of the under aged female population f the country are married or are about to get married. Child marriage, defined as a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, is a reality for both boys and girls, although girls are disproportionately the most affected.

Child marriage is widespread and can lead to a lifetime of disadvantage and deprivation. Worldwide, more than million women.

Data sources. The term ‘child marriage’ is used to refer to both formal marriages and informal unions in which a girl or boy lives with a partner as if married before the age of Incidence of Child Marriage: New Findings From the Census of India In India, child marriage is defined as marriage before the age of 18 for girls, and before 21 for boys.

The incidence rate of child marriage essay
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