Summary writing activities for middle school

Find out when you and your students go beyond the classroom and visit this websitea comprehensive list of online publications looking for student submissions in all genres and media, for all summary writing activities for middle school.

Share the list with your students and invite them to come up with their own solutions to the writing blues. The Daily Buzzword There are many online dictionaries, but none we found were as versatile or fun for students as wordcentral.

Anna sacrificed herself for Elsa, which broke the frozen curse.

Sum It Up: Introduction to Writing Summaries

This site describes story mapping in detail and includes lesson plans and a rubric that will motivate students to make deeper connections between character and actions and get those marker-happy kids even happier. Allow pairs to share their summaries with the rest of the class.

The Rubrics for Primary Grades are varied and specific to each grade level, and the links under Creating Your Own Rubrics are summary writing activities for middle school not only for teachers but for older students ready to put the assessment tools in their own hands.

RAFT an acronym for Role of the Writer, Audience, Format, Topic is to writing what method acting is to drama, and this websitecomplete with lesson plans and a rubric, is a great starting kit.

Write Your Own Folktales Since at least the dawn of cafeteria food, kids have enjoyed hearing myths. These are just two examples from over of the writing prompts listed on this site.

RetrievedJanuary 29, from http: See the research that supports this strategy Jones, R. The yellow cat walked across the street with the dog.

The lessons on Fact vs. The Play is the Medium For many of your students, performance can be a strong motivation to write.

Strategies for Reading Comprehension: The summaries written over the course of this exercise can be used as pre-assessments for future lessons, as they help determine whether students understand concepts like main ideas or unimportant details. Direct attention to the back cover. What constitutes a good piece of writing?

Teachers are also writing students, and NWP contains a library of stellar books on the art of teaching writing. Get on the Raft One of the most proven ways to get students to consider the importance of objective and audience is through the RAFT technique. Technology integration An interactive whiteboard can be used to project the video clips.

Word for Beginners We assume that the digital generation is computer savvy, but many kids are only proficient in IMing and Facebook. Questions range from silly to introspective and guarantee more smiles and less groans during freewriting and journal time.

Remember to emphasize the importance of conciseness in writing summaries. For the most kid-friendly expla-nation, and tips to prevent plagiarism, print out the article in kidshealth. This time, have each student work independently to write her own word summary. Need something in Urdu?

Give more leeway to students that have trouble writing a summary containing exactly 10 words. Repeat the summarization process with the third video clip. Have each student discuss her answer with a partner.

My Hero Contests are a great way to remind students that competition should bring out the best in an individual for the greater good of the whole. Students will be able to write short, informative summaries of stories and events.

Independent Reader When a tsunami orphans a young hippopotamus, a group of concerned Malidi on the east coast of Kenya villagers figure out how to capture the pound baby thus beginning his new life in an animal sanctuary with a new and unlikely companion — a year old tortoise named Mzee.

Get Published One of the many advantages of the Internet is the way it has opened up the possibility for writers of all levels to get published.


Prompts What if cows gave root beer instead of milk? Ask them to determine which is better via a guiding question such as: Introduction 5 minutes Ask your students to brainstorm answers to the question: Then, give an example of a word summary for the clip.

For example, ask them to write an summary containing words instead. Encourage students to write successively shorter summaries, constantly refining their written piece until only the most essential and relevant information remains. Hold up a novel, or have students take out their own novels if they have them on hand.

Story Maps and Graphic Organizers Graphic organizers are key for young writers, and for those writers who are primarily visual learners, story mapping takes it one step further.

Which summary gives a better overview of the topic?I was lucky to have had great creative writing teachers when I was in high school. They were very passionate about literature, and because of them I continued to pursue creative writing.

Summarizing Worksheets and Activities

Those teachers also impacted me because of the great creative writing activities they used to allow the. How to Teach Summary Writing–The 1-Hand Summary: My goal with this was to have it work for anything Maddy chose–a news article, a magazine article, anything.

Middle School Worksheets and Printables

And for the most part, it works. Find and save ideas about Summarizing activities on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Guided reading, Reading group activities and Guided reading activities. Use writing activities to build on prior knowledge, help improve writing, and strengthen vocabulary skills.

Guide students throughout the summary writing process. Encourage students to write successively shorter summaries, constantly refining their written piece until only the most essential and relevant information remains.

Granite Oaks Middle School Page 6 7/31/ Summary Writing Checklist Quick Check for the writer Did you ____ Read carefully to understand the main ideas of the passage? _____ Include all the main points or story elements from the original text?

Teach your students important summarizing skills with the help of this lesson plan. A text lesson explains how and why to summarize stories before they practice with a familiar piece.

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Summary writing activities for middle school
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