Persuasive essay on safe sex

This proves a definite need for abstinence education programs within the school setting. The younger a mother is the less likely she is to receive prenatal care within the first few months of pregnancy Levenberg, The estimated number of new cases of HIV is 42,0 00 each year.

Dating is supposed to be fun.

Persuasive Essay on Abstinence

Ninety-five percent of those pregnancies are unintended. You can order a custom persuasive essay on Abstinence now! The primary goal of sex education in the schools should be to help young people to build a foundation as they mature into sexually healthy adults.

But anyone infected with HIV can infect other people, even if no symptoms are present, it could take as long as 6 to Persuasive essay on safe sex months before you get your first symptom according to Ben young M. Other consequences teen may face as a result of sexual activity are emotional factors.

It should to be pressure. Abstinence is in fact the better way. Bartlett also believes that teens are very intense Persuasive essay on safe sex need ways to channel their intensity.

Teen girls are more likely than males to engage in sexual activity as a display of love for their partner. A person that really loves you will not ask you to give up friends you really care about.

In my opinion, homosexuality is a misunderstanding, one that can be easily adopted by teenagers who are easily misunderstood. Sexual education would not stop teenage pregnancies but it indeed reduces them.

The couple is comfortable with silence. Over half of their peers remain sexually abstinent. Herpes is just one of the numerous STDs a sexually active teens is at risk for coming in contact with. Children even learn about their sexuality when their parents speak to them, change their clothes, play with them or teach them their body parts.

In my opinion the cause of pregnancies among these teenagers is incorrect education about sex from peers or neighbors or no sex education at all.

According to child trends data bank in sexually active teens accounted for over one million pregnancies. Unplanned teen pregnancy means less support from father, financial instability, new demands and responsibilities that require many personal sacrifices.

Within his book he lists four signs of healthy relationships that teens can use to analyze the relationships they are in. Teens need to know the risks and understand that there are other ways to show their feelings, as well as ways to deal with the intensity of their sexual feelings.

Teens do not have to deal with all these added pressures, these are just added reasons for teens to remain sexually abstinent. According to child trends data bank in sexually active teens accounted for over one million pregnancies.

Chlamydia can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during vaginal childbirth. Chlamydia can be transmitted during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Teens often report feelings of regret as well as loss of self-esteem and self-respect.

They are forced to deal with homosexuality in their homes, their neighborhoods, their churches and even in their schools.

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What do you think is the cause of this? Couples who are intimate in healthy ways can sometimes study silently or sit closely together for fifteen minutes or more and feel very comfortable.

Double dates are easier ways for teens to avoid placing themselves in situations that may lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Within the seventy-eight percent of unintended pregnancies, thirty five percent are aborted. Aside from all the health factors associated with teen pregnancy there are also emotional and mental risks that can are related to teen pregnancy.

If one person in the relationship is not comfortable doing something the other should respect that. The reality is that young people need and deserve information about abstinence and contraception. There is no such thing as safe sex; teens need to trust that abstinence is the only safe way.Persuasive Essay on Abstinence.

Through education teens can learn that abstinence is the only safe sex. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on Abstinence for You! provides free sample persuasive essays and persuasive essay examples on any topics and subjects. essay writing service. Persuasive Speech Std Essay; Persuasive Speech Std Essay. Words Sep 28th, 3 Pages. Well today I will be persuading you to always have safe sex, because you could get HIV/AID, Chlamydia or Pregnant. Persuasive Speech Essays Words | 8 Pages.

Free Essays \ Persuasive Speech Std; Persuasive Speech Std. Who has a friend or knows of someone that has unprotected sex? Have any of you ever had unprotected sex? Well today I will be persuading you to always have safe sex, because you could get HIV/AID, Chlamydia or Pregnant.

The biggest risk that a person takes when they. English Composition 1 Sample ENG Persuasive Essay with Sources.

They are not taught the information that they need to know about safe sex and contraception if they later choose to say "yes," as many of them are doing. Sex education is a process that begins at birth and continues until the day you die. It is a process of building a strong foundation for sexual health.

Sex Education Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. May 11, Do My Paper Write My Essay Persuasive Essay Essay Writing Help Shakespeare Essay Article Reviews PhD Thesis Speech Help. Included: persuasive essay health essay content.

Preview text: There are many factors that may influence a teen's decision to become sexually active or to remain abstinent. These factors can include age, physical maturity, parental and personal values as well as education.

The best way to promote abstinence is t.

Persuasive essay on safe sex
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