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Ltd operates under three major business verticals: It was owned by the Chauhan family of Vile ParleMumbai. The competition increased as other brands also started using the term gluco in their packaging as gluco was considered as a short form for glucose.

They correlated it with the strength that one derives out of the brand.

Parle Glucose to Parle-G: Journey of India’s most loved biscuit

As of [update]it comes in black Tetra Pack packaging. Frio Frio is a range of flavoured carbonated drinks. That is the reason that you will look at other agencies and see if you can get something new out of them.

They came up with advertisements under five different heads: Strong Coffee with little sugar, Helps to activate your energy levels up high. Untilall the Parle-G campaigns were done by Everest.

It showed various people consuming the biscuits in different situations and showed how people get strength in various conditions. It went on to become the largest selling Mango drink in the country.

The original Parle company was split into three separate companies owned by the different factions of the original Chauhan family: Many others tried copying and competing with us.

Milk was a premium product in south and east and those were milk-deficient markets. Who is the girl on the pack?

It was then that they decided to give it a little emotional hearing and make it something beyond just energy. Beverages — fruit drinks, nectars, juice, sparkling drinks Water — packaged drinking water Foods — confectionery, snacks Parle Agro also diversified into production of PET preforms semi-finished bottles in So, almost one in two biscuits sold until then was Parle-G.

Due to the restrictions those days, companies avoided entering newer territories. The packaging was done then in a way to attract not just the kids but also mothers.About Us; Armed with a degree of (Tech.) from a coveted institution – University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai, India our founder and chairman Mr.

Rajmal L. Mehta established a small set up in for the manufacture and supply of tablet compression tools in Mumbai, India. Parle continued to grow organically year. Parle Agro is an offshoot of Parle Products, which was founded in in British India.

Parle Agro

(), plastic packaging () and confectionery (). Frooti, the first product rolled out of Parle Agro inbecame the largest selling mango drink in India. Parle-G - The world's largest selling biscuit was first manufactured in the year and since then the product has managed to dominate the Indian biscuit market and won the heart's of Indian customers because of its quality, price, packaging, di.

Jul 19,  · At the end of last year, my then 4th standard Garbology students wrote to Parle G to request they rethink their packaging for their biscuits and candies.

You can see a sampling of the letters here. They never received a reply, so at the end of the summer holiday I wrote to ParleG on its. We are pharmaceutical packaging & filling machine manufacturer in USA. We manufacture filling machines, Pharmaceutical machinery, and industrial packaging equipment.

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Home; Products. tube filling and sealing, and pharmaceutical packaging and will further consolidate Parle’s position in the market in the coming years. Bottle Packaging. Parle Global manufactures Full lines for your Bottle Packaging needs.

Below are many of the machines that Parle manufactures. Click on any machine below to find out more about them.

Packaging of parle
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