Marketing planning of biscuit company

The company was focusing on producing new versions of existing products to make them more convenient.

We will supplement the campaign with consumer promotions. During their 9 years in existence, they have grown through natural growth, Marketing planning of biscuit company, and acquisitions. More than likely, our target market will eat only one serving, which is three cookies, at a time.

However in recent years Asian food has been reluctant to adapt to current market trends. Consumer Promotions We will run promotions at major food retailers throughout the country.

It is difficult to separate ourselves from the current image we have, but significant promotion may help our target audience to notice us and choose our product amongst the competition. The market is scattered. We want to get and increase brand awareness in the first 18 months.

Asian food position on the Fat Free BITE is that it allow women to abide to their low fat diet without depriving themselves of sweet snacks. Supply Chain Supply chain or network will be according to the location of our target market, retailers and customers. The time lag should not been too much means the supply should be immediate.

The majority of this difference is due to more expensive ingredients. This forces the market to make a decision on different brands on the spot.

The marketing plan operates at two levels: As a result of the increasing problem of obesity amongst children, we have made our children our secondary target market.

Although it is the most expensive form, it is also most effective. Category leadership provides us with major strategic advantages. Thus, they are able to with stand competition from organized sector units.

We chose the color red because it triggers the thought of a healthy lifestyle. We can look for various cheaper networks like railways. These manufacturers are able to cater to some typical local palate as well.

With these new products, Asian food has been able to serve people that have chosen to adapt to a healthy eating life style. Current and Prospective Target Market: Executive Summary Asian foods is a company that has been in existents since Asian food now plans to focus on better-for-you-products with less marketing to children.

Objectives Asian food has been very successful with its products. Mission Statement We want our consumers to regard us as their primary snack food. Outdoor Advertisement We will display advertisements on billboards along high traffic roads and highways, which will increase our likelihood of reaching a large percentage of our audience.

We want to start with a low introduction price to make sure people consider buying our products and therefore know about our existence.

The demonstrator will distribute the surveys to the samplers, explaining that they will receive a coupon for a half price off if they complete and turn in the survey. We want to ensure that our current consumers continue to remain loyal to us, without switching over to our largest competitor, LU.Jan 27,  · Competitor Analysis Glucose Biscuit industry can be categorized into Organized and Unorganized sector.

6. Sunfeast glucose biscuit is catching up with the other glucose biscuit brands available in the killarney10mile.coming Plan for Glucose Biscuits (Group C1) January The marketing mix of Britannia discusses the strategy of Britannia Industries Limited, which is a market leader in the Indian bakery and biscuit became the first company in the East to use imported gas ovens, and as a business, flourished and began to acquire its reputation for quality and value.

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View Essay - Marketing from MGT at University of Ruhuna. Strategic Marketing Planning (SMP) Assignment Formulating a Strategic Marketing Plan Topic Company Maliban Biscuit Manufactories%(2).

Through its subsidiaries, the company is occupied in the manufacture and sales of biscuits and coffee mix, and traders in biscuits, confectionery and other foodstuff. Its subsidiaries are HupSeng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd., HupSengHoon Yong Brothers Sdn.

Marketing Plan of Biscuit

Bhd., and In-Comix Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. 8 July Glucose Biscuit- Marketing Plan 14 LAFF Biscuits Glucose Biscuits for Kids Packed especially for School kids Lunches and Snacks Bought in Packs of 5 for the school weeks First to market Large LAUNCH!

8 July Glucose Biscuit- .

Marketing planning of biscuit company
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