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More essays like this: They are to the body what education is to the mind. The establishment of a professional league will be a major step in continuing this recent success the Indian team has experienced. It must, however, be admitted that remaining busy in games all the time at the cost of studies is by no means something wise.

Many people can play these online games together in a network. Inplans for the establishment thereof were officially agreed upon. Under his supervision, the team won the South Asia Championship in As a protest, he retired from the national team.

This is a sign of lacking physical activities among youngsters, which makes them less active and dull. Further, Team India has frequently used the facility for training sessions. The players just needs to have self control.

Moreover, games make our minds fresh and strong. Even though the team lost most games, its performance against Lebanonwhich had made it to the final four at the previous tournament, superseded expectations.

In the end, the way people spend their time can be changed through online games. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. India won the gold medal on both occasions. That is why it is said: Those who have not played any games in life should consider their education incomplete.

He may show a bit better results in the examination, but at best he just ends up as a crammer, devoid of all sense of novelty and originality. People get involved in stealing properties and committing other serious crimes just because of gambling involved in online games. Work alone is not enough.

Adults can also indulge themselves in gambling through online games. Its most noteworthy tournament appearance was at the Summer Olympics when the team got its chance to represent Asia due to the cancellations of some teams who took part in the American-led boycott of the Summer Olympics.

And one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of online games, and the players should avoid addiction to online games. Teenagers can be badly affected by Online Games. One of the biggest side effects is that children start telling lies to their parents or play truants to spend more time on the internet, which becomes a bad manner that needs to be prevented.

Online Gamingis expanding in acceptance especially among young generation because of the benefits that it offers. Short essay on the Value of Games Free to read Article shared by Games and sports are a necessary part of our life. They provide us relaxation and entertainment. The most apparent effect of playing and gambling is violence or crime, which is not only injurious for a single person or families but for the society as well.

A book-worm, who pores over his books day and night, gets his mental faculties blunted. There are many free online games available on net that can be downloaded easily. In the modern world which is full of struggle, it is very necessary to have a strong body.

With the expansion of the World Wide Web, these games have become one of the best ways of comforting stress after a tiring day. Ajmer Singh gained worldwide attention as he was amongst the top 10 shooters there and became the 10th best pivot player in the tournament there.

They teach us to play for the sake of play and not to feel depressed in the event of defeat. Basketball at the Summer Olympics Plagued by a lack of popularity and support for basketball at home, at times, India faded into oblivion and only had a handful of successful performances.

India finished 12th out of 12 in the Olympics after getting knocked out in the Preliminary Round by losing all three of their matches and then losing all five of their matches in the Classification round. This online gaming addiction has become popular in the community which seriously affects children both physically and mentally.

2017 Lusophony Games

Where online games have advantages it has got disadvantages too. They should be complementary to each other. There are different kinds of games which one can play online on computers, including puzzle games, adventure games and action games.

Also, online gaming can be unsafe and risky as it can lead to a platform to gambling.Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Get Access Advantages and Disadvantages of. We will write a custom essay sample on Online Gaming specifically for you for .The girls most played games was help by the social media sites like Facebook one of them is the Candy Crush, Dragon City, Pet Society and Farmville and other Online games.

We want to alarm those students that are addicted on online games to the harmful. The Lusophony Games was the 3rd edition of the Lusophony Games (Portuguese: 3.

Short essay on the Value of Games (Free to read)

os Jogos da Lusofonia), a multi-sport event that represent athletes from Portuguese-speaking countries and territories.

It was held from 18–29 January in Host city: Goa, India. About online gaming essaysAsk anyone that had ever played an online game and they will most probably tell you that it is addictive.

Indeed it is.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Games Essay Sample

It's an MMORPG also known as massive multiplayer online role playing game is one of those that had made millions of hardcore gamers lose sleep over.

welcomes the third instalment of Lusofonia Games, and this time around the venue is none other than our dearly beloved Goa itself!

Team India celebrated its most recent title at the Lusofonia Games after they finished the tournament with a record and beat Angola in the final (as team India is often nicknamed) won the Lusofonia games with wins over Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, India National Basketball Team roster Players Coaches Pos.

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Lusofonia games 2014 essay help
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