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For example, are they likely to use the interface infrequently or to be habitual users who might learn hidden controls and shortcuts? Making the right choices for efficient use of the software depends on an understanding of the users and how they prefer to work. If a choice is not made, it can be presented without any punitive language.

Providing a search feature allows the user to use whatever memory they have of the data or interaction to find the answer for themselves. Enjoyable to use Effectiveness is the completeness and accuracy with which users achieve specified goals.

For those errors which are out of the control of the interface — system failures or other disasters — take a lesson from flight attendants and quietly, calmly guide the user through the process of helping the program recover from the problem.

Practical Interaction Design - Essay Example

Avoid roll-oversees for drop-down menus It is visually difficult to tell they contain links It is difficult to adequately describe content of the links Avoid Frames or use a non-frame alternative Java and Flash where possible Graphics that say Interaction design essay and distract from your content Graphics that bounce, spin, twist, or Just move without being vital to or illustrative of your content Scrolling text View your pages: Tuned to certain kinds of information: Fixed width rows and increased font sizes are often not compatible Fixed width rows may dictate rational scrolling on small screens Avoid placing tables with paragraphs or floating them with text Avoid multiple lines of text in cells across a row Text-based Lynx will read the top line across a row before going to a second line below it See also Specify the widths of tables and table cells in percentages, not absolute pixels.

Allow users to build on not only their prior knowledge of computer systems, but also any interaction patterns they have learned through use in a predictable way. Navigation design elements such as keyboard shortcuts, menus, links and other buttons all have an impact on efficiency.

Some limits on our capacity for processing information. Similarly, an interface structured around a set of hierarchical choices which may be the best solution for one-time or infrequent users, might be frustratingly slow as the only way of interacting with a frequently-used program.

Research shows little difference in reading speed or user preference between point Times Roman, Georgia, Helvetica, or Veranda fonts Use one font for identification, directions and navigation; use another for content Do not use more than two per Web site Avoid formatting fonts color, blinking, scrolling, FACE, etc.

Images should be no more than 75 pixels per inch This is the conveyable limit on the Internet; any more results in slow downloads with no increase in resolution or visibility Use Jpg files for images as photographs with shaded coloration; use.

To demonstrate this to yourself, try holding the following sequence of numbers in memory, all at once. For example, keyboard shortcuts can be extremely efficient for proficient users who work with the interface intensively. Requires expertise and engagement. Make it difficult to take irreversible actions.

From a design perspective relevant information must be displayed in a means that can be understood at a glance, and the control systems must respond in a predictable fashion. Format design a standard page template: To determine the target user for this interface.

To use images or icons that are clear and understandable high enough resolution and culturally understood. Memory is improved by organizing little pieces into larger wholes.

Using Black and White settings to check for color blindness accessibility Deleting images to check for accessibility for the visually impaired and images technology Across platforms PC, Macintosh, Linux, etc.Interaction Design - Essay Example Tagged Css, JavaScript If a web site’s information is hard to read or doesn’t answer users’ key questions, they leave.

As being a designer I always try to design something new, creative and interactive. Most of the people think that designers are born to modify and beautify things, which is totally wrong designers give directions of living; they transform the ugly into beautiful things.

I have a deep interest in. Interaction Design Essay  Contents 1. Introduction The aim of this project is design an web interface for new students of Greenwich University run on smartphones.

Using the knowledge learned at school and looking for documents on the Internet. The purpose of human computer interaction is to analyze the interaction between user and computer.

In this paradigm we analyze how we can develop system that.

Interaction Design - Essay Example

Therefore, interaction design is the discipline of design, specializing in the design of interactive digital products, systems, environments, and services. The focus of the interaction design is to meet the needs and wishes of the users, in contrast to software engineering, which is taken into account in the first place specifications of the.

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Human-Digital Interaction Design - Essay Example

AESTHETICS OF INTERACTION DESIGN As being a designer I always try to design something new, creative and interactive.

Interaction design essay
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