How to write a comment about someone

Here is a snippet: It looks a lot like this comment from Adrienne Smith: So say hello to them. Are they very tall or very short?

Blog owners love that. And bloggers love when the comment count for their posts get higher and higher. Everyone knows that the best commenter spot is 1.

The number of ways you can share insights and examples are myriad. In order to sound sincere, refrain from heaping too much praise onto the bloggers themselves.

Greeting the author and paying a compliment are nice, but no one cares how good the appetizers are if the main course is a garbage sandwich with no mayo. If you respond to someone only to get the 2 spot this is really, really easy to see through.

For instance, you can finish with "My sister Mary is so much fun, I love to spend time with her! Feel free to speak up in the comments. One-sided conversations on a date are not much fun and neither are blog comments that last forever and a day.

For some discussions off-topic is good if you can turn it into a metaphorical lesson, but the problem is that, in most cases, people go off-topic only to trick authors into thinking that the comment is legit.

Does it come out in your comments? A date you would like to get to know better? How does it end? This may sound obvious to you. Would you like to be invited to participate in expert roundups, conferences, and other great opportunities?

Chances are, you like them. Share Personal Insights or Anecdotes Did a particular point in the post hit home for you? Once introduced, move on to other general aspects: Like Sriracha sauce, people tend to throw it around and use it for everything.

Why not take notes in a notebook? When you see that person, what vibe do you get?How To Write Comments. October 8, by Blogherald Blogger 13 Comments. This is a situation where you’re commenting someone else’s comment not the article itself. If you respond to someone only to get the #2 spot this is really, really easy to see through.

5. Get a Gravatar.

type @ and start typing there name, it will show drop down menu where your friends name will appear. just click on the name you want to tag.

EN: write a letter to someone / write someone a letter

Aug 16,  · Personally I say "to write to someone" but nevertheless it is still possible for me to say "to write Sonia a letter" (even though this appears to have two direct objects it is acceptable English). "To write a letter to Sonia" is also fine but less common I'd say.

When you write a great comment that adds to the discussion, it often has a domino effect. Others will respond to your comment, which will fuel even more comments. The result is more people reading and discussing the blogger’s work.

Commenting. Commenting Basics. How do I comment on something I see on Facebook? To comment on something: Click Comment under the post or in the white box that says Write a comment. Type your comment.

How to Describe Someone's Character

Press enter or return to publish it. To create a new paragraph or line break within a comment. I know as you're writing your comment *you* know what you're responding to—maybe it's the article or video or maybe it's someone else's comment, but when people come to the page later and read the comments, it isn't always immediately clear .

How to write a comment about someone
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