How far could it be argued

Also Wolsey was not particularly successful in attaining the sums of money Henry wanted for his invasions of France from Parliament. This message is also shown in La Haine as this translates as hate. In summary he did not run the Church in an efficient method but instead to increase his personal wealth and he blackened the image of what is supposed to be a divine institution.

His attempt to reform monastic constitutions was just the re-issuing of old documents. Wolsey also made sure that he gave Henry the credit for successful policies and took the blame for those that were not as productive.

It also shows the influence of the TV and media in situations like riots. This therefore shows the realistic representation of the film. Thomas Wolsey was made Archbishop of York in and then a Cardinal in Rather than taking advantage though of this position in order to run the Church efficiently and also to reform it if necessary, Wolsey was corrupt and used his position to increase his personal wealth.

His domestic policy did not receive as much criticism as contemporaries did not expect him to be a reformer and generally he kept peace and order. He also interfered in many clerical affairs, in order to increase his wealth and influence, including appointments and elections of clergy.

However, most Spanish prostitutes are either available in clubs or by phone much like what we see with Caye whose phone is constantly ringing throughout the movie. Firstly his pluralism was exemplified by the amount of bishoprics and abbotships he controlled which he never visited and only controlled for financial purposes.

It has a sense of realism as this is a very common issue within Spain especially because prostitution is not technically illegal in Spain and my many socially accepted.

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This dislike though led him sometimes to be excessive in his punishment of nobles. Finally, in addition he made attempts to try and keep English control of Irish dioceses by appointing English clergyman to position there.

This can be seen through the real interview used with the real Knockout Ned at the end of the film. There is a scene within the film where all the prostitutes are gathered in an abandoned industrial area and one of the cars driving through has a blurred out number plate implying that it was real footage of prostitutes and they just added a character to it.

In the end although Wolsey did improve the legal system for a while it was not a long term improvement and he set up no measures for the new system to continue after his lifetime. He kept bishoprics vacant and took the income from them and he also forced some clergyman to pay him a tribute including the Archbishop of Canterbury William Warham.

Wolsey was a keen and proficient administrator domestically and he was mainly expected to keep law and order and the status quo which he was relatively successful.

Wolsey also alienated a large number of Common law lawyers by decreasing their business. He did not fully implement his plans to reform the dioceses. This is unfortunately a major problem for Wolsey as he was not given the free reign that A.How far could it be argued that the biggest obstacle to civil rights progress was white racism and intimidation?

The civil rights movements faced many obstacles, the most significant being slow and insufficient action from the Federal Government, however, other factors such as white racism and intimidation, the poverty in the north and divisions in. It could be argued that he only issued plans to portray his desire to improve the efficiency of the Church.

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Need essay sample on How Far Can It Be Argued ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page. The author states that the German military was not only used as the enforcer of the Nazism ideologies, but was also applied as the source of such ideologies and the tool through which they were implemented.

Feb 21,  · "it could be argued that" is a classic 'weasel phrase' for introducing unsourced viewpoint into a text (either the author's viewpoint, or a fake counterargument to give the impression that some point is a matter of debate) and people marking essays are well aware of it and similar constructs like "arguably" Resolved.

How Far Can It Be Argued That Popular Culture Is Ideological: a Discussion in Relation to Feminism Words 9 Pages The Marxist concept of ideology is used to express the way in which the dominant group in a society controls the norms and values of that society at the level of ideas.

How Far Could It Be Argued That We Live In An Unfair Society? I believe that the issues of benefit scroungers and inappropriate magazine articles, along with other factors, are to blame for making this society unfair. However, I feel strongly about the subject of magazine articles giving the wrong message to teenagers, both male and female.

How far could it be argued
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