Her letters

She knew that before many months were past Her letters would have to part from her treasure, leaving it unguarded. Foremost he learned she had been unsympathetic because of her coldness of manner. Might she not have done the same? He was a tall, powerful man, standing there in the firelight, with shoulders that stooped a little, and hair that was growing Her letters thin and gray, and a face that was distinguished, and must have been handsome when he smiled.

This Her letters thought was possessing him, it occupied his brain, keeping it nimble and alert with suspicion. It vanished silently; seemingly into some inky unfathomable space.

There was not one but claimed some infallible power to command the affections of any woman whom his fancy might select. He could hear the sweep, the song of the water inviting him.

She shrank from inflicting the pain, the anguish which the discovery of those letters would bring to others--to one, above all, who was near to her, and whose tenderness and years of devotion had made him, in a manner, dear to her. He was moved by the splendid daring, the magnificence of the act, which at the same time exalted him and lifted him above the head of common mortals.

He was eager to be alone, not from any desire or intention to sleep. She knew that before many months were past she would have to part from her treasure, leaving it unguarded.

She was praised by some for gentleness and kindness, and by others for cleverness and tact. She wrapped the compact bundle in a thick sheet of white polished paper. How desolate and empty would have been her remaining days without them; with only her thoughts, illusive thoughts that she could not hold in her hands and press, as she did these, to her cheeks and her heart.

It fell straight and swiftly from his hand. She had meant, then, to destroy them all, his and her own. He wondered for a wild moment if such a gift, for force of wishing it, might not come to him.

III[ edit ] An hour or two later he sat at his table in the company of several men whom he had invited that day to dine with him. But to-night every flagrant, inane utterance was charged with a new meaning, revealing possibilities that, he had hitherto never taken into account.

The day was much like that day a year ago when the leaves were falling and the rain pouring steadily from a leaden sky which held no gleam, no promise.Her Letters.

likes. A short film based on "Her Letters" by Kate Chopin written & directed by Amanda Lin Costa. Detailed information on Kate Chopin's Her Letters: characters, setting. For students, scholars, and readers.

Her Letters

Her Letters. likes.

Standing at the edge of the sea, Mrinal realizes, 'if I'am lost, maybe that is the place to start from'/5(5).

II If he had come upon that bundle of letters in the first flush of his poignant sorrow there would not have been an instant’s hesitancy. To destroy it promptly and without question would have seemed a welcome expression of devotion—a way of reaching her, Her Letters Kate Chopin. Her Letters he had given orders that she wished to remain undis-turbed and moreover had locked the doors of her room.

The house was very still. Her Letters has 42 ratings and 6 reviews. Her Letters Kate Chopin, american author of short stories and novels () This ebook presents «Her Lette /5.

Her letters
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