Essays on education in the early republic

Today, on the other side, the Americans can be referred to as a nation because many generations have grown on this land. Nevertheless, on the governmental level, the modern government is characterized by common history and collective experience.

The Oxford History of the United States is by far the most respected multi-volume history of our nation. Early republic was young and framers shared no history.

Essay on Early Republic

Nevertheless, on the federal or national level, the unity cannot be denied. No common history The framers had no common history as a nation and no common experience behaving as a coherent collective.

In other words, the government was seen as an alien force that all responsible citizens should have strived to overthrow.

As Wood reveals, the period was marked by tumultuous change in all aspects of American life--in politics, society, economy, and culture. Looking at the recent victory of Barack Obama who became the first African American president of the United States of America, it is possible to conclude that slavery, racism and discrimination have no influence on the modern government or the nation.

Thus, the scale of republic has influence on the modern United States but no conflicts arise. However, the fact alone that the United States of America is a unified country and all people are proud to be a part of American nation, it can be stated with confidence that the judgments of the most respected authorities on this matter were no more than assumptions.

Slavery At the time of early republic, the number of the black slaves in the country was steadily increasing. In particular, the Americans are rather patriotic and they are proud of being U. Instead, by the United States became something neither group anticipated. Oxford University Press Format Available: Some wanted the United States to become a great fiscal-military state like those of Britain and France; others wanted the country to remain a rural agricultural state very different from the European states.

Undoubtedly, it would be irrational to argue that there is no discrimination in the country; however, it can be stated for sure that there is no slavery and racism in government.

Stigmatized political power The second liability of the early republic is stigmatization of the concentrated political power through the legacy of the American Revolution. The modern United States of America is a home for people representing impressive cultural, ethnical, and racial diversity.

The government represents the interests of all states and, therefore, federal laws are enacted in all states. This liability is not relevant to the modern society because American people may criticize the government but there are no attempts to overthrow it.

Each of these four liabilities still has a significant influence on modern American government and the nation in general.

On the other side, the United States of America is a country of immigrants who arrive with the hope for better life.

The leaders also hope to see the end of slavery; instead, despite the release of many slaves and the end of slavery in the North, slavery was stronger in than it had been in Named a New York Times Notable Book, Empire of Liberty offers a marvelous account of this pivotal era when America took its first unsteady steps as a new and rapidly expanding nation.

The men who founded the new government had high hopes for the future, but few of their hopes and dreams worked out quite as they expected. Historically, the Americans have been dissatisfied with the government. Wood, offers a brilliant account of the early American Republic, ranging from and the beginning of the national government to the end of the War of Still, with a new generation emerging bymost Americans were confident and optimistic about the future of their country.

They hated political parties but parties nonetheless emerged. Governmental authorities considered their states to be independent units or even countries within the United States of America. However, the racial diversity has direct impact on the modern government.

They do not share American values, culture, and history. Many leaders expected American culture to flourish and surpass that of Europe; instead it became popularized and vulgarized. In particular, one state may have the laws legalizing the marijuana smoking while the nearby state makes it a criminal offense.

While the division, geographical, social, as well as psychological, is vividly maintained by governmental authorities as well as the nation itself, there is a common history for Americans. There was no unity among the founding fathers.

Any action or policy offered by the government authority has been regarded as an attack on the nation. Despite of the unity, the fragmentation is one of the main characteristics of the modern republic.

From political and social perspectives, the republic of such a scale would not be politically sound. Democratic elections and the national support of the candidates ensure that the right people represent the nation in government.

The scale of republic The United States was the first republic of the large scale. The same degree of diversity is reflected in American government.Essays on education in the early Republic: Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, Robert Corain, Simeon Doggett, Samuel Harrison Smith, Amable-Louis-Rose de Lafitte du Courteil, Samuel Knox Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Cambridge Australian/Harvard Citation.

Rudolph, Frederick. Mar 12,  · Early republic is characterized by four liabilities including: no one had established a republican government on the scale of the Untied States of America; all concentrated political power has been stigmatized; the framers had no common history as a nation and no common experience behaving as a coherent collective; and slavery.

Essays on Education in the Early Republic

There were many men who did not like the idea of omen having an education, because they did not want the women to outsmart them.

However, there were men that appreciated their wife’s help. James Madison’s, for example, helped him a lot with the presidency.

Essays on education in the early Republic

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[Frederick Rudolph; Benjamin Rush; Noah Webster; Robert Coram; Simeon Doggett; Samuel Harrison Smith; Amable-Louis-Rose de Lafitte du Courteil; Samuel Knox;] -- Because they recognized themselves as being engaged in the making of a nation, the essayists thought readily about education as a.

Essays on education in the early Republic by Frederick Rudolph Published by Belknap Press of Harvard University Press in Cambridge.

Essays on education in the early republic
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