Essay on sports and academics go hand in hand

Distribute the time in the most efficient way possible in order to accomplish everything and hopefully still have time left over for relaxing or going out.

Dr Ramanathan said that of the 3, teachers in the university certain teachers, along with retired teachers, were felicitated today. It is possible to juggle sports and academics and excel in both. HTTP response code Reason: The pay-scale was now almost equal to that of the executives in the corporates.

When children play a sport they have to learn time management from a young age. GO Please enter a valid email address. His Sensei was surprised. M ichael started winning competitions left and right. Please try again in a few minutes. Mr Vaithianathan said that at least one hour a day could be spared to sports as it would act to promote all round health.

I will never forget how grueling tennis season was at first, but over time I grew to love it. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day!

Balancing Sports and Academics

Important note for site admins: Whatever your sport may be, it can allow you to take your mind off of your term paper, grades, and even all that dirty laundry. While it can be demanding, your sport may be the break that you need to help yourself to not feel so bogged down.

In Sports you are required to always remain calm and composed, although you might want to let your emotions get the best of you, you simply cant.

Staring at a textbook can get awfully exhausting, and being part of a sports team can offer you a much needed break to work out, wake up, and then get back to it. He used his performance at Math Genie as a means of motivation for his son to allow him to play sports.

Since a young age I played many sports ranging from basketball, to soccer, until I ultimately found my love and passion for tennis. Involvement in sports and games, would improve mental ability, and increase concentration, which in turn would lead to better academic performance.

Therefore, it was time higher education was taken to the doorsteps of the students. Generated by Wordfence at Sun, 23 Sep 1: Kinesthetic learners have trouble with traditional learning because they learn best by touch and feel. Sports not only helped in building up stamina but also taught students that the game ought to be played according to rules and regulations.

Now looking back at all of those years, I realize how much playing a sport truly benefited me and made me the person that I am today.

I also highly recommend that this should also be coupled with a supplementary program such as Math Genie, so your child receives double the benefits and succeeds inside the academic world and outside of it! Mr Vaithianathan said that in this era of information technology knowledge could be acquired at the press of a button.

If someone told you sports and academic success go hand in hand you might shake your head in disagreement. Sports teach children to manage their time more affectively so everything is done.

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If you are a site administrator and have been accidentally locked out, please enter your email in the box below and click "Send".Sports and Academics Go Hand in Hand.

May 27, by ALL_Blog. Creating a sense of balance in kids’ day-to-day routines is essential to achieving success in academics. Integrating sports into your student’s life is an easy way to accomplish this.

High school sports and academics go hand in hand. and they have to get back up on their feet and go back after it is a good thing." Sports also provide opportunities to work as a team, which. Sports programs have been an integral part of all schools.

They support the academics of the school and therefore foster success in life. These programs are educational and help produce productive citizenship. currency from hand to hand unless it in the academic interest post the messages in the sports chat room or the porno explosion.

Education should be holistic so as to foster moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical excellence among students, said K. Vaithianathan, Vice-Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Physical Education and.

Sports and Academics are Equal essaysIt is an old saying that a healthy brain needs a healthy body. Why do we need a healthy brain.

Every individual tries his best to excel in academics. Right from the day we start schooling, our ambition is to show good results. Initially, this is to please our par.

Essay on sports and academics go hand in hand
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