An analysis of the possible benefits of the legalization of marijuana in the united states

First of all, it is rather unlikely that huge farms and plantations will become the main production method of Cannabis. High school and college student use will rise quickly.

That will mean stronger competition against the black market, but potentially higher consumption too. Marijuana is considered a highly dangerous drug under federal law with no accepted medical uses.

The legalization of Marijuana in the United States would benefit all Americans.

Lastly, I would like to thank my opponent for this interesting debate and the voters for viewing. Encourage law enforcement and schools to keep stats on marijuana-related crimes and incidents. The problem would be even worse for marijuana use, which can deal serious blows to developing minds and bodies.

Among 8th and 10th graders in Washington, perceived harmfulness of marijuana use decreased and marijuana use increased following legalization of recreational marijuana use in List of Cons of Legalizing Weed 1.

This will be determined by a blood test at a local medical facility. Though researchers are not sure yet if the drug really triggered such conditions or if smokers turned to the drug to mediate the symptoms on their own, but it is clear that smoking weed plays a role in the picture of mental health.

This is the reason why certain states, such as California, have implemented initiatives for the legalization of the drug for medicinal purposes. Report this Argument Pro "Bill is a small business owner. Conclusion The movement to legalize weed is already a reality in some areas.

Some million people in the U. This includes all sales from producers, processors, and retailers. Public places, such as bars, would expose innocent patrons. Need for CAMP helicopter surveillance would also be eliminated.

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization in California

Fully one-half of the current price of cigarettes is accounted for by taxes and fees. Hemp is a very nice fiber which, many say, would be more popular than cotton, had it not been so regulated because of the associated drug.

If cannabis is legalized, it will be much easier to create a fiber that has been catching on quite a bit recently. Instead, you must settle the dispute yourself, which often leads to a cycle of retaliatory violence.

According to a British survey by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit [1], "regular" users average 2 oz of cannabis per month or about 2 grams per day a gram yields one or two joints.

Even unhealthy items that are legal, such as alcohol and cigarettes, are prohibited from being sold to children. By limiting the use of marijuana, we are intruding on personal freedom. Many kids are simply not concerned about the effects of pot.

People are actually moving to the mid-west to grow Marijuana. Download the full report at http: This would save lives while taking the weight off from law enforcers.

Other harder crimes, such as robbery and rape, can also be caused by the lapse in judgment due to smoking weed. It will help people with glaucoma, people who want to use marijuana for recreation, and people who would get a job. That hemp really sounds like a great fiber. The recreational and medical markets are slated to merge in July due to legislation passed in Con Thank you for your response!

Less Money to Support Organized Crime.How legalizing pot could save America's economy Legalizing marijuana on a federal level would provide economic benefits for the United States in the billions, precisely at a time when the.

Aug 26,  · Browse Marijuana legalization news, research and analysis from The Conversation Editions Indoor marijuana farms are becoming one of the most energy-intensive industries in the United.

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19 Primary Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed

The Implications of Marijuana Decriminalization and Legalization on Crime in the United States Shana L. Maier, Suzanne Mannes, and Emily L. Koppenhofer Contemporary Drug Problems 2, Until marijuana was legal throughout the United States under both “Marijuana Legalization Which States Will Medical Marijuana and Suicide,” Cato Institute.

United States Virgin Analysis finds that adult-use marijuana legalization could have meaningful economic benefits for the territory The analysis found that legalization of recreational.

An analysis of the possible benefits of the legalization of marijuana in the united states
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