Alternatives to nuclear energy

In most cases this means converting the heat to electricity via the same techniques employed by Fossil Fuel power stations.

These are over 5 times higher than the prices received by Australian utilities. The action heats the water and the temperature of it can rise to above the boiling point. Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries.

In the absence of nuclear power, the onus would be on finding alternatives to nuclear energy to sustain the development of human race.

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Nevertheless despite many years of effort these technologies produce electricity at far higher cost than coal-based production. If perfected, there is sufficient accessible Uranium and Thorium to enable these reactors to provide enough energy Alternatives to nuclear energy power an advanced civilization for everyone living on Earth for well over 1 million years.

Yet what if there existed a means of nuclear power generation with which these risks were drastically reduced?

Thorium: A safer alternative for nuclear power generation?

This processes is known as Enhanced Geothermal energy. Reproduced by permission of the U. There has been great progress at both increasing the efficiency of solar cells for use in concentrator systems and in decreasing the cost of large array converters.

4 Clean-Energy Alternatives To Uranium

A solar collector is a device that absorbs the A building sided with photo-voltaic cells, which capture the energy of the Sun and convert it into electrical energy. The bill listed as renewable energy: Solar power plants—using energy from the Sun to produce steam for driving turbines to generate electricity—could potentially replace fuel-driven power plants, producing energy without any environmental hazards.

Though all nuclear reactors will produce waste products, a reactor fulled by thorium will produce far less long-lived waste products than one fueled by uranium or plutonium, with waste decaying to the same level of radioactivity as coal ashes after years.

However the USA, Sweden, Finland and France have well-developed programs for waste disposal funded from the sale of electricity.

Alternatives to Nuclear Energy

China recently announced that it would pursue the development of a molten salt nuclear reactor that uses thorium as a fuel. It is predicted that at the current rate of energy consumption, available reserves of oil and natural gas will be greatly decreased during the twenty-first century.

What is nuclear power? These have all been shut down and, because the United States lacks a cohesive energy policy, no thorium reactors are currently being considered. These are the Fourth Generation Nuclear Reactors and are not expected to be ready for deployment before When the goal of energy doubling has been achieved with a small turbine, progressively larger turbines should be developed.

This effect should help to drive the turbine.Energy densities in nuclear reactors are much higher than those prevailing in the vast volumes of hurricane clouds. Against this we have to weigh the dangerous consumption of uranium in nuclear reactors instead of the limitless availability of renewable solar energy from the ocean.

Alternatives to Nuclear Power Summary There are substantial opportunities for Australia to reduce it's needs for electrical energy without lowering our standard of living. Mar 23,  · Nuclear energy accounts for about 20 percent of electrical production in this country.

The rest comes mostly from a mix of coal, oil and natural gas. Nuclear power proposed as renewable energy. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Although nuclear power is In the Utah state passed the bill ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES FOR ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PROJECTS including incentives for renewable energy projects.

It includes a direct reference to nuclear power: "Renewable energy" means the. These alternative energy sources include thorium, solar power, natural gas and hydrogen.

1. Thorium Thorium can be used as a fuel in the nuclear cycle as an alternative to uranium and the technology to facilitate this has been around since the s.

Nuclear energy has the potential to be one of the most efficient sources of energy, however the threat of its abuse has triggered a debate on its use for civil use. In the absence of nuclear power, the onus would be on finding alternatives to nuclear energy to sustain the development of human race.

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Alternatives to nuclear energy
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