A review of the movie the majestic

Jim Carey was great as were all the cast. A land where dissenting voices are labeled unpatriotic and people of intellect and wide-ranging analysis are dismissed as elitist is positively frightening. Finally,a Jim Carrey movie I like. Jim Carrey did an excellent job at acting serious.

Fantastic, sweet and dramatic story. Finally,a much more toned down Carrey gives me something to smile about. Was this review helpful? His efforts in The Majestic are simply amazing. Finally on a rainy Saturday, I put it on and was enchanted and moved.

The woman who plays his lady-friend is beautiful and I wish I could see her in other movies. Carrey must try to remember who he is.

The story is well put together and well written. The way he gets the town to rally around the Majestic is fun and wonderful. I recommend it to anyone. If you go into the watching of this film looking for the outrageous hairdo of Ace Ventura,the hideous green mask,or anything of the like from his previous films,this will be a big disappointment to you,but if you go into it with an open mind about what he can accomplish dramatically,you will be most pleased.

One of my favorite all time films. Every time I see him with his "Dog" I get a lump in my throat. Things are looking up for Jim Carrey. Caring about each other, our community, that is how we really come alive and make a difference.

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It was extremely well cast and I really liked the old gentleman who lived in the basement of the theater and was so dignified. Also,Martin Landau is great as always in a supporting role.

The slapstick humor is put aside,very delicately,and what we have is a very appealing fictional story,with Carrey making an excellent romantic and dramatic lead. An old fashioned movie with no bad language, sex or violence.

The story seemed so very timely in light of recent national events. He did an unforgettable role. Carrey losing his memory after a car crash in the river. Jim Carey plays such a caring role and his relationship with Harry is so warm and believable.

I always felt he had a bright future ahead of him,as talented as the man is. I grew up in the party of Eisenhower but never felt that opposing ideas were unpatriotic. It really shows his versatility as an actor, not just a comic, and I loved the plot.

It is to be enjoyed by anyone. I heartily recommend it.The Majestic shares this double layer of meaning because it is as much about the movies and the role they play in our lives as it is about the characters and the story.

Harry says that in a movie the good guy should always win, and this is a movie. The Majestic is a wonderful family movie for the whole family.

Dealing with the loss and regain of life, love, and happiness, The Majestic is a movie about never losing hope and what a community can accomplish when they come together.

The Majestic is a study in contrast of small town values vs. sell-out political expediency. Also, the town of Lawson, CA becomes reborn much as the theater called the 42%.

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This movie is, I think, the greatest movie that Jim Carrey has ever made. In every other Carrey movie you see Jim Carrey playing a character, without becoming that character. In "The Majestic", Jim Carrey became Luke, and he was that person, not Jim Carrey playing the same character he plays in every other movie he's done.

Dec 21,  · "The Majestic" is a proud patriotic hymn to America, sung in a key that may make some viewers uncomfortable. At a time when our leaders are prepared to hold trials that bypass the American justice system, here is a film that unapologetically supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights/5.

A review of the movie the majestic
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